Want to be automatically notified when we change our schedule?

Sign up to receive text message notifications about our schedule changes! Click the button below, fill out the registration form, and we will add your cell phone number to our list to automatically notify you whenever we change our schedule because of weather.

Note: The text messages will come from (540) 860–4779, so you might want to add this number as a contact in your phone so you recognize it right away. This is a number we have just so we can send texts, but it can’t receive texts or calls. If you have any questions, contact the church office using the Contact Us page on this site.

Just so you know, we won’t give your number away, and we won’t text you anything you haven’t signed up to receive.

[flat_button text=”Click here to sign up for text alerts” title=”Text Alert Registration” url=”https://www.christiansburgbaptist.org/weather” padding=”14px 36px” bg_color=”#FF5C00″ border_color=”#FF5C00″ border_width=”1px” text_color=”#FFFFFF” text_size=”14px” align=”center” target=”_self”]

(Please note that clicking this button will take you off our site and onto a registration page through our church management system. Please refer to the FAQ for more information.)


Does it cost me anything?

The church does not charge you to receive these text messages. However, if you don’t have text messaging included in your cell phone plan, your carrier may charge you to receive the text message.

How am I signing up, and what is this BVCMS thing?

You are signing up through our church management system, called BVCMS. This is the database we use to keep track of our membership, classes, and everything else.

Signing up using the link above will create or update your information in our church system, and you will be asked about whether or not you want to create a user account. If you are a member or a regular attender, you might want to create an account, because that will be more and more helpful as we continue to use the system more and more.

Any more questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions!