Update for Sunday, May 31

Dear Church Family,

Happy Wednesday! I hope your week is going well in spite of the rain!

As you may be aware, the governor is now requiring face coverings to be worn indoors. In order to comply with his order, we will be requiring everyone attending in-person services to wear a mask while they are in the building, with the following exceptions:

“Under the Governor’s executive order, any person age ten and older must wear a mask or face covering at all times while entering, exiting, traveling through, and spending time in the following public settings…Exemptions to these guidelines include while eating and drinking at a food and beverage establishment; individuals who are exercising; children under the age of two; a person seeking to communicate with a hearing-impaired person, for which the mouth needs to be visible; and anyone with a health condition that keeps them from wearing a face covering. Children over the age of two are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering to the extent possible.” (Governor Northam Announces Face Covering Requirement and Workplace Safety Regulations)

We will not require any proof of a medical condition, but we ask you to use integrity and wisdom in your decision. We have plenty of masks on hand at church should you need one. We will continue our health screenings and social distancing as well this week.

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I know that, in the minds of some, this executive order raises questions that are more than we can address in this email. However, here is an article from a sister church in Virginia who has expressed what I believe is a biblical perspective on this issue:

On Facemasks and Freedom

Thank you for being fluid with us as we continue to pursue our goal of loving God and others in our family, church, community, and world! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


In Christ,


Pastor Sean

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