Meal Train for Dawn Hale

June 2021

Donna Christian has invited you to join the Meal Train for Dawn Hale.

Dawn Hale will be having hand surgery on Wednesday, June 2nd. She will not be able to use her hand which will make daily tasks very difficult. We would like to deliver meals to her and Frank every other day through the month of June. Thank you in advance for being a Blessing, and showing the love of Christ!

“What is Meal Train? When a friend is in need, everyone asks “What can I do to help?” The answer is always to provide support through a meal. When many friends provide support through a meal, Meal Train keeps everyone organized. is a free meal calendar tool that makes planning meals among a wide group easy and less stressful.” – Meal Train

If you wish to learn more or want to help, click the link below to visit the Meal Train page.