Easter 2018

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Good Friday Service
March 30, 6:30pm

It is one thing to be alone. It is something entirely different to be abandoned. Unwanted. Rejected.

On Good Friday, we will commemorate the darkest moment in history: the moment when the Son of God was abandoned by everyone, even God the Father himself.

Yet, as we will see, Jesus’ abandonment wasn’t for anything he had done; it was for us.

Join us for a time of music, teaching, reflection, and the Lord’s Supper.


Easter Celebration
April 1

Breakfast: 9:15am
Service: 11:00am

Jesus’ abandonment for us paved the way for the greatest moment in history!

Join us on Easter Sunday morning as we celebrate the fact that Jesus didn’t stay in the grave.

We will have a free breakfast for anyone who wants to come followed by an exciting and encouraging service.

Looking for an Easter Egg Hunt?

For 2018, we will be at the Town of Christiansburg’s annual Easter egg hunt. Find out more information at Town of Christiansburg Special Events Page.

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