Become a Christian

The most important thing we could tell you today is how you can personally have a relationship with Christ. That’s what this sheet is all about. We can’t tell you in one page everything you need to know about being a Christian, but here are the basics you need to know if you are going to commit your life to Christ.

You Aren’t Who God Created You to Be

In the beginning, God created us to hang out with Him and know Him. We find that when we look at Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 1. Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, and we’ve been disobeying Him ever since. The Bible calls our disobedience “sin”, and says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” (Romans 3:23).
That means that no one in history has measured up to who God made us to be. Every person in this church has sinned, including you.

You Can’t Get Rid Of Sin On Your Own

A lot of us think we can deal with sin on our own—that we can try hard enough, be smart enough, live long enough to overcome our failures. The Bible tells us what most of us have already realized: none of us can overcome our own sin. Even if we could stop sinning today, we’ve already fallen short of God’s glory, and so we deserve for Him to punish us. Romans 6:23 says that, “The wages of sin is death…,” so we deserve to die for our sin. That’s a big problem, but thankfully, God is a big God.

God Took Care Of Sin For You

Knowing that we couldn’t do this on our own, Jesus (who is God in the flesh), came down to earth, lived a perfect life, and died for on the cross for our sins. That’s the message of the Gospel—that Jesus died in my place, paying for my sin! He did that for you, too.
Why would God do that? So you could finally be who He made you to be. You see, Jesus didn’t stay dead. In fact, He came back to life after being dead for three days! Since Jesus came back to life, when I place my life into His control, I can have new spiritual life to be all God made me to be, living life the way He wants and experiencing all He has in store for me.

You Can Follow Him Today

Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us that God offers us the gift of a relationship to Him. Just like any other gift, though, it’s not yours until you receive it. If you are willing to turn from living life by yourself and for yourself and turn to living life the way Jesus calls you to live as He works through you, all you have to do is place your faith (trust) in Him. Ask Him to forgive you of your sin and change you. Accept His sacrifice for you and start following Him today.

If you need help with this, please call us, or use the form on the Contact Us page[udesign_icon_font name=”fa fa-envelope”]  . We’d be happy to talk with you about how to make this incredible decision.